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Annual Inventory - stock taking
Posted by Michael Müller on 05 Jan 17 10:12


Due to annual inventory our office is closed

from 6th January  until 10th January.

We look forward to be there for you again on 11th January 2017.

Many thanks for your kind understanding in advance


In urgent cases please call +49 (0) 7248 92719 55



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impression X4 L manual Update to V1.3
Posted by Daniel Ried on 08 Dec 16 14:14

The new impression X4 L manual V1.3 is now availible in the download area.

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 Fixture Software Updates


**X4BAR 10, X4BAR 20 - Software Release Date: 31/10/2016

Version: MAIN .60 & TiltTrb_V20_BL_V1

*Tilt speed almost double as fast as before

*Added Latch routines to Special Channel Features access
     Added Tilt current off via dmx, Tilt reset off via dmx,Tilt Slow mode via DMX

*Added Tilt Slow Mode Feature to Special Menu
    Tilt Slow mode is Off by default.  Tilt Speed Fast is now the the default Tilt Speed

RDM support: (dmx address, dmx mode, dimming curve, tilt invers On/Off, readout two sensors, lifetime and power on counter)

    The Tilt bootloader software can only be used with Main Software version .56 and forward.  If this Tilt bootloader is installed in a fixture, that fixture can not be downgraded to the earlier Main Software version .46 release, as the tilt will not function.

    This is an optional feature and can only be implemented if TiltTrb_V20_BL_V1 is uploaded via AVR function of D-Prog to "Prog Tilt Con 11" port on Main PCB, directly ISP.



**X4XL - Software Release Date: 31/10/2016

Version: MAIN 1.60

Various Bug Fixes

Fixes Overpower of LED Center Board to stop Center Pixel MOSFET failure

This software should implemented in all units to prevent further issue with pixel failure. 



All current versions of fixture software can be located in the Downloads Section of the ServiceCenter page:

If you do not have a log in account please sign up for access.

If you need any further assistance please don´t hesitate to contact our support under or +49 (0) 7248 92719 55



Many thanks.

With best regards,

Michael Müller.

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impression X1 service manual added
Posted by Michael Müller on 04 Aug 16 16:13

impression X1 service manual added to download area

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Please note … We are moving !!!
Posted by Michael Müller on 07 Jul 16 11:29


Please note … We are moving!!!


From 18th July 2016 the following adress applies:


GLP German Light Products GmbH

Industriestr. 2

76307 Karlsbad


Due the location change it may come to restricted  availability or

delay in delivery.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding. 

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