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Technical News - Issue #20190418
Posted by Michael Müller on 18 Apr 19 16:01

Dear colleagues and friends,

in order to keep you updated with all the latest technical information and latest firmware versions we recommed to subscribe to our 

   new technical newsletter here.


This newsletter will be send out whenever we publish a new firmware or have important technical news.

The mail will provide a download link and all the latest software of all our regular shipping products can be found as well at the normal product website from now on.

New software releases won´t be published over here in our service center anymore, not to have things double.

Many thanks for your kind understanding in advance!


Best regards,

your GLP Support.


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New pricing for repair quote flat
Posted by Kristina Mattus on 01 Mar 17 10:18



Dear Customer


from 1. March on we need to adjust our pricing for our repair quote flat.

The price from now on will be 50€ for the repair quote itself.

Once a repair is confirmed the 50€ will be balanced with the repair costs.


With best regards,

Kristian Mattus.


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Preisanpassung für Kostenvoranschläge
Posted by Kristina Mattus on 01 Mar 17 10:01


Sehr geehrte Kunden,


zum 1. März passen wir die Kosten für die Erstellung eines Kostenvoranschlages an.

Die Kosten betragen zukünftig 50€ und werden wie bisher bei Bestätigung des Kostenvoranschlages mit den Reparaturkosten verrechent.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Kristina Mattus.

GLP Support

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